Registrations now open, favourable entry fees!

With the Historic Tour of Belgium having just come to an end, the DG Sport team are now going flat out to prepare the Spa Rally 2016, to be held on the 18th and 19 March: “Apart from some major delays, thanks to the experience acquired during the first edition we now have a better insight into where we are heading”, Christian Jupsin, the DG Sport director emphasised.

The registrations for this second round of the Belgian Rally Championship (BRC) are now open. Thanks to the support of new sponsors, the organisers are in a position to offer a highly favourable entry fee to all competitors that settle their entry fees before the 15th February 2016.

The entry fees are as under:

For the modern category:

BRC: 1.100 € (1.300 € if payment after 15/02) // without advertising: + 1.000 €. 

For the classic categories:

VHC: 1.100 € (1.300 € if payment after 15/02) // without advertising + 1.000 €. 

VHRS: 950 € (1.150 € if payment after 15/02) // without advertising + 1.000 €.

DEMO: 500 € (700 € if payment after 15/02), twenty places available (by selection). 

As in 2015, DG Sport hopes to welcome numerous regional teams acquainted with competing in provincial rallies. With a view to helping them to discover the national level, the organisers of the Spa Rally are looking into a formula offering them special rates.

If on the one hand the precise – and finalised course has already been finalised – this will only be revealed in a few weeks time, however we can presently confirm that there will be timed sections amounting to 185 km. Five special stages will be on the programme on Friday evening, prior to a substantial main course of sixteen mythical stages on the Saturday. Arrival is foreseen around 20.00hrs… and will be followed by a big party, in the same light as the one that concluded the Spa Rally 2015 and the recent Tour of Belgium …

Last by not least, the project regarding the production of a ‘live’ televised special edition is taking shape...

As you can see the Spa Rally 2016 is already on the right track and DG Sport has several further surprises up its sleeve!