Spa Rally 2017 : 210 kms of timed sections, back to Francorchamps!

Second round of the Belgian championships, both ‘modern’ (BRC) and ‘historic’ (BHRC) whilst remaining a not to be missed meeting for all the regularity enthusiasts (VHRS), the 2017 Spa Rally is already on a par with those of the previous editions: rather than ceaselessly harnessing the same terrains, the DG Sport team is bringing out a new menu that it will be presenting to the participants. And the latter are going to be pampered on the 17th and 18th March 2017.

As from Friday at 19.00hrs, the pack will head off for a loop – to be covered twice – taking them around Francorchamps. So there is definitely talk of the rally’s return to this world renowned site: “I wish to thank the circuit’s new management who promptly showed their interest and were receptive when we presented our project to them”, Christian Jupsin, the DG Sport director emphasised. “During a past…in fact quite a recent one, we had already put in such an approach, but with less success … “

The first special stage, some ten kilometres long, will be laid out in the surroundings of the circuit and will use various sections of the track, notably the Raidillon. If on the one had the spectators will have a fair choice of vantage points to watch the competitors, the main grandstand should receive a fair amount of votes. Spread over 26 kilometres, the second timed section will offer up a wide variety of difficulties. The start will be given in the Ster zoning where, following a passage over the ‘new portion’, the competitors will head off for Stavelot to tackle a previously unseen section: “The arrival will be at Moulin-du-Ruy via a passage at Andrimont », Robert Vandevorst, the race director clarified.” With this second winding and technical portion superseding the circuits long curves and bends, this special stage will bring about two entirely different approaches and promises to be highly selective!”

Following this introduction, Saturday the 18th March offers up a loop taking in four timed sections to be covered three times. Having been unanimously approved this year, the Wanne will be retained, as also the renowned Clémentine where one or other “adjustments” are foreseen over the course of the three runs. On the other hand, the two other special stages – Trois-Ponts and Stoumont – will present an unprecedented profile at a national level which will even surprise the most seasoned, who reckon they know all the eventual ‘combinations’ of imaginable roads in this home patch … 

As such this Spa Rally 2017 will be fully in the sign of innovation. However, it will remain faithful to the philosophy displayed during the two previous editions: “Totalling 210 km, the sixteen timed sections will be taking on naturally selective routes where driving talents will allow the best to excel,” was how DG Sport summarised the event.