Spa Rally 12 special stages and 130 km of RT for the Yokohama Spa Rally Classic

It’s one of the Spa Rally’s good habits. In addition to the final round of the Kroon-Oil Belgian Rally Championship, the DG Sport event welcomes the regularity stalwarts to a VHRS annexe that is not lacking in texture, the Yokohama Spa Rally Classic. And for the 2022 vintage, scheduled for Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December, it boasts plenty of new features… 

This VHRS event will be spread over two days, Bernard Herman, in the name of the organisers explained. Two loops of four special stages will be held on the Saturday, and a third loop taking in four special stages on the Sunday. In other words, a total of 12 special stages, for 130 kilometres in RT. And with the return of some of the classics of the Spa region, the crews will be able to take full advantage of this. Worth noting that the cars will return to the centre of Spa on five occasions …”

With scrutineering organised on the Saturday morning, just prior to the start of this Yokohama Spa Rally Classic, DG Sport’s objective is clearly to make this race within the race accessible to as many people as possible. “It is first and foremost the opportunity to discover the ambiance of one of the major rounds of the BRC, as from the moment the crews entered in VHRS set-off in the wake of the national championship cars, Bernard Herman continued. The entry fee is set at 750 euros, which is more than agreeable, and giving one the right to be immersed in a great rally party. And with an arrival on Sunday scheduled around 14.00hrs, we can bet that the Spa inhabits and people passing through will no doubt give a hearty welcome to the Regularity winners …”

On a final point it should be noted that in VHRS 50, the average speed will be 50 km/h maximum, whereas the time keeping will be based on the notes. In VHRS 65, the average speed will be 65 km/h maximum, with time keeping taken in the RT, similar to other events.  

In a nutshell, at a time when the VHRS, or Historic Sporting Regularity Rally, is clearly on a roll, the Yokohama Spa Rally Classic is definitely well timed.

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