Spa Rally And the new Race Director to be is … Caro Jupsin!

It’s a known fact, at DG Sport, we enjoy doing things together as a family. Since Christian Jupsin’s children, Caro and Florian joined him in the management of the company based in Theux, the trio have been pulling their weight together. A new milestone will be reached with the Spa Rally, final round of the Kroon-Oil Belgian Rally Championship 2021 scheduled to be held on 4th and 5th December, as for the first time Caro Jupsin will be taking on the function of Race Director!

For quite some time now we wanted this important function to be carried out by a multilingual person fully integrated in the event’s day-today preparations, and what more a person who could represent DG Sport, Christian Jupsin explained. Caro was already in charge of competitor relations when it came to registration, and she was the one who wrote the rules and regulations. As such she is the ideal persons to manage the sporting side of the event.

Up until now the function of Race Director was retained by Etienne Massillon, and DG Sport wishes to thank him for his valued collaboration. For the major Première in her new role, Caro Jupsin will be especially well surrounded, seeing Bernard Herman, in charge of the Spa Rally course will assist her in the event’s management and decision making.   

That responsibility obviously represents a major challenge, the new Race Director of the Spa Rally commented. It will be a question of ensuring that everything runs smoothly just before each special stage, but also to make the right decisions at the right moment in the event of any issues. I will be well supported, and quite clearly the objective is to find my bearings, namely in view of the South Belgian Rally. More than ever there will be a ‘DG Sport Touch’ at our events, even in their sports management.” 

There will be no lack of novelties in the Spa Rally at the beginning of December. Something we can but welcome … 

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