Spa Rally A first stage rich in highlights and variety!

Preparation for the Spa Rally, a highly awaited final of the Kroon-Oil Belgian Rally Championship 2022, is following its course, and the programme concocted by the DG Sport team is as abundant as it is rich in highlights. As such the first stage, that of Saturday 3rd December, will delight all enthusiasts of the Spa event. With 107,5 kilometres against the clock, namely 10 special stages, and no less than 5 passages in the centre of Spa, the intensity will be on hand as from 08.30hrs. It is on the dot of 19.30hrs that the first surviving competitors will be expected on the podium in the heart of the city…

And the programme is of top quality! Starting off with a totally new special stage, Stavelot-Coo, of near on 15 kilometres. A section in two parts, with a first rather narrow one crossing the hamlets of Ster and Renardmont to join the Haute Levée. At the end of the climb, the competitors will tackle the second part dropping down on Amermont, to arrive at the level of the camping of Les Combes, within close proximity of the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. Worth noting that the final part will be identical to that of the Belgian round of the World Rally Championship 2021! A special stage to be run three times.

The Spa special is aptly named, as similar to 2019, it will see the cars dive down into the centre of Spa in its final part, via the Annette and Lubin descent. Ambiance guaranteed at the TRC of the 7 kilometres section.  Spa will also be contested three times. 

With the Chevron special stage, we find a more familiar section of 15 kilometres, identical to the 2021 edition … but taken in reverse! This time the start will be given on the square at Chevron, which the competitors will go around twice, in a fiery atmosphere. Drivers will then drop down towards Bierleux Bas, take on the climb towards Rahier, through Meuville, the hairpins of Xhierfomont, downhill, the Vallée de la Lienne, the technical climb towards Chession and the arrival at Lorcé. In a nutshell, familiar and highly appreciated, for a special stage to be tackled twice.

Two passage also for the special stage of Moulin du Ruy, some 7 kilometres in length. This will kick off with the descent of the Rosier! Following the passage via Moulin du Ruy, the competitors will attack a more narrow and technical part. This results in a shorter section, but with loads of variety.  

The menu of this first day does honour to the reputation of the Spa Rally and the history of road going events in the Spa region. And for those who make it through to the end of the stage, the next part of the menu starts off on Sunday as from 08.30hrs. We will come back to this … 

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