Spa Rally The 8th Spa Rally will take place from 24th through to 26th November 2023

No sooner had calm return

No sooner had calm returned to the city centre after the 2022 edition of the Spa Rally, which was unanimously acclaimed for its course and quality of the grid, as well as the omnipresence of a large and disciplined public and the return of the assistances in the heart of the city, that DG Sport is already able to confirm the dates of the 8th edition of its event. Once again, the Spa Rally 2023 will act as the final round of the Kroon-Oil Belgian Rally Championship, scheduled to be held on Friday 25th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November … 

In consultation with RACB Sport, the organiser decided to bring its event forward by one week. First and foremost, it is for practical reasons, so that the final rankings of the Belgian Championship can be validated somewhat earlier, allowing for the best possible preparations of the traditional RACB Awards in mid-December … 

In addition, the City of Spa, always attentive to the needs of its commercial traders, wanted to free up the traditionally festive and family-oriented Saint-Nicholas week end. “Once again, I want to emphasise the quality of the organisation of the Spa Rally 2022, Sophie Delettre, Mayor of Spa commented. DG Sport clearly has a good command of its subject, constantly listening to our comments and permanently reinforcing the quality of its event. I listened to the Spa commercial traders at the end of this edition, and I am delighted that we have been able, together with DG Sport, to come up with a solution that will satisfy all parties concerned.”

At DG Sport they are also delighted with the on-going interaction with the City of Spa with a view to being able to promptly respond to the constructive remarks put forward by all parties. “The return of the service park to the city centre was appreciated by one and all, Christian Jupsin, Director of DG Sport added. We now just need to forge ahead by offering the public entertainment in a more important manner that will attract both fans and the naturally curious to the heart of the city. DG Sport’s objective is clearly to recreate a big and beautiful atmosphere in the city centre during the rally weekend. We needed to reset the scene, which has been done. Spread the word, the rest will follow. It’s merely a question of time. In the meanwhile, let’s look ahead to the 8th edition of the Spa Rally during the last weekend of November …”

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